Did the 2016 General Election scare you? It did me—but it also made me angry, and strengthened my resolve.

For the first time in nearly a century, Kentucky made a sharp U-turn. Our state elected a supermajority that seeks to unwind union rights, roll back reproductive freedom, and hand a license to discriminate against LGBT people to every business in our commonwealth.

London Senator Albert Robinson, who introduced this year’s nefarious “License to Discriminate” Senate Bill 180, has already promised its return in the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly, and every year after until it becomes law.

“It’s not like we’ve got to get it through this year or we won’t get it,” he told WFPL News last month. “We feel like that we for years to come will have the nationwide and statewide support.”

Now is the time to stand up, be counted, and fight like never before for social justice and LGBT rights in Kentucky. If we don’t, we’ll lose the Fairness Ordinances we’ve fought decades to pass in eight cities across our commonwealth, and transgender people’s basic needs will become newsfeed fodder for any politician looking to pony-up amongst his most conservative peers.

Can you dig deeper than ever before to help us thwart Senator Robinson’s anti-LGBT efforts with a gift to the Fairness Campaign of $1,000, $500, $250, or any amount significant to you?

We’ll be ready on day one of the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly, but we can only be vigilant with yoursupport.

In Fairness, Chris Hartman, Director
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