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Hal gave $20,000 of his own money to enshrine discrimination against lesbians and gays in our state's constitution.

Watch Hal explain his act of discrimination by saying, "Life is short."

Click Here to View Hal's $20,000 contribution from

Hal Heiner believes gays and lesbians just need to change back to heterosexuality

Page 46: Hal Heiner on homosexuality: "...a behavior that's been changed back to heterosexual by tens of thousands of individuals..."

Hal fought Fairness by voting five times in a single night against employment, housing, and public accommodations discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Louisvillians

(Click here to view the full Metro Council transcript from Dec. 9, 2004, or click one of the links below to view each discriminating vote.)

Page 15: Heiner votes yes to increase the required number of employees for coverage under the Fairness ordinance. By increasing the required number of employees, this would exempt many businesses from the Fairness ordinance.
Page 38: Heiner votes yes on a resolution to send the Fairness ordinance to a public referendum vote.
Page 39: Heiner votes yes to send the proposed Fairness ordinance back to the committee for additional review.
Page 48: Heiner votes no on the final Fairness ordinance.
Page 49: Heiner votes yes on a version of the Fairness ordinance that deletes the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity.

So, why does Hal Heiner discriminate?

"Life is short."

Watch an extended clip of Hal's explaining his $20,000 to discrimination

Life IS Short. Too short to have Hal Heiner is the Mayor's office. Vote Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, November 2, 2010.


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