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25 Years of KY Fairness Ordinances

Fairness has been doing cities good since 1999! Twenty-five years ago the Fairness Campaign led the effort to pass Louisville’s historic Fairness Ordinance—the first in Kentucky to ban discrimination against LGBTQ people, and among the first in the South to protect our community. A few months later, Lexington passed their historic Fairness Ordinance. Now twenty-four municipalities across our commonwealth have enacted LGBTQ discrimination protections, covering nearly a third of Kentucky’s population. 

Could you have imagined the progress we’d make and the challenges we we’d still face a quarter century after Louisville’s original Fairness Ordinance? Anti-LGBTQ zealots have overrun state capitols throughout the U.S. to take us as far backwards as they can. While they hope discriminatory laws will catapult them to victory at the ballot box, all they’ve done is reawaken and refuel our resistance. 

Will you help us celebrate the silver anniversary of Kentucky’s Fairness Ordinances with a gift of $25, $250, $2,500, or any amount significant to you?

The Fairness Campaign needs you now just as much as we did in 1999, if not more. Thank you for continuing to prove that Fairness does a city—and a state—good!

In Fairness,

Chris Hartman, Executive Director

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