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Celebrate 20+ Years of KY Fairness Ordinances

Do you remember what were you doing the night of January 26, 1999? Were you lucky enough to be seated in the overfull chambers of the Louisville Board of Aldermen as they took their historic vote on the Fairness Ordinance? Perhaps you were outside, in the sea of supporters, anxiously awaiting word on what was happening inside? Did you join the jubilant crowd at the Connection for the victory rally? Kentucky’s first anti-discrimination Fairness Ordinance passed into law more than 20 years ago, and it ushered in a new era of LGBTQ rights across our state. In July of the same year, Lexington activists’ hard work paid off with their city’s Fairness Ordinance, and Jefferson County later adopted its own in October.

Now 24 Kentucky municipalities and counting across our Commonwealth extend the same LGBTQ protections that Louisville and Lexington did in 1999. With your help, we’ll be there every step of the way as new cities seek to advance LGBTQ civil rights, and we’ll work to stop all efforts to thwart or repeal them.

Will you help celebrate these milestones with a gift of $24 monthly, $240, $2,400, or any amount significant to you to support the continued work of the Fairness Campaign across Kentucky?

Thank you for making our work possible and advancing LGBTQ rights all across our Commonwealth. Because of you, Fairness still does a city—and a state—good!

In Fairness,

Chris Hartman, Executive Director

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