Staff & Leadership


Alexander Griggs, Community Outreach Coordinator (

Alexander Griggs is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Fairness Campaign. He is a transmasculine man and a Louisville native that is well connected to the local queer and gender expansive community. They are currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Psychology with a concentration in Gender and Sexual Fluidity. Alexander co-chairs an organization called Trans Wellness Coalition that connects organizations that serve gender expansive people together in community. He provides Gender Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Workshops for education purposes for schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations to shift the narrative of the negative stigma around LGBTQ+ experiences. They are committed to being a part of the solution to cultivating a society safe for queer and gender expansive people to live, work, and play. Alexander uses the pronouns he/they.



Chris Hartman, Executive Director (

Chris Hartman is the first director of Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign and a steering committee member of the Fairness Coalition. Chris has helped pass anti-discrimination LGBTQ Fairness Ordinances in 21 Kentucky communities, including the state capital Frankfort and small Appalachian town of Vicco. Chris previously served as Congressman John Yarmuth’s campaign press secretary, an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) in St. Louis, and Philadelphia director of the Democratic National Committee’s open-air Grassroots Campaigns in the 2004 presidential election. He holds an M.A. in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis. Chris previously served on the board of the national Equality Federation and as Chair of the Louisville Metro Landmarks Commission. He was named the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “Partner of the Year” and is a former Community Foundation of Louisville Alden Fellow and LGBTQ Fellow of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Chris uses the pronouns he/him.


Jenna Murnan, Development Associate (

Jenna Murnan is the Development Associate for the Fairness Campaign. Jenna grew up outside Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Louisville in 2017. She is a 2021 graduate of Bellarmine University with a BA in Political Science and Economics. Jenna previously worked as the Finance Assistant for Congressman Morgan McGarvey’s 2022 campaign and has worked in field organizing on several other Democratic campaigns, including Governor Beshear’s 2019 campaign. Jenna is passionate about the arts and dance and loves connecting with others through these passions. She is committed to creating a more positive and equitable world where everyone can live as their authentic selves. Jenna uses the pronouns she/her.




Coordinating Committee Members

Miles Justice, Fairness Campaign Chair

Miles Justice is a Frankfort attorney who joined the Fairness Campaign in March 2019. Miles grew up in rural Tennessee and moved to Lexington in 1997. He holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Cumberland College and a Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Miles is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and the National LGBT Bar. For the past 20 years, he has been in-house counsel for the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority and serves as the Title VI and Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator for the agency. Miles serves on the Citizens Foster Care Review Board for Franklin County and participates in the Reily Reentry Expungement Clinic through the Louisville Urban League, assisting individuals with criminal offenses to clear their records. Miles is a passionate advocate for social justice who believes all persons are created equal and should be treated accordingly. Miles uses the pronouns he/him.


Jackie McGranahan, Fairness Education Fund Vice Chair

Jackie McGranahan joined the ACLU of Kentucky staff as the organization’s first Reproductive Rights Field Organizer in June 2019. Jackie works with people across the Commonwealth to build power at a statewide level to help change public policy, galvanize supporters, and normalize and de-stigmatize conversations about abortion. In June 2020, she moved into the Policy Strategist position with the Kentucky affiliate of the ACLU. She works with legislators across Kentucky to push policy and advocate for civil rights and liberties for all Kentuckians, especially our BIPOC and LGBTQ communities in the state. Before joining the ACLU of Kentucky staff, Jackie was an active volunteer with our Smart Justice Advocates group. She traveled to Frankfort to speak with legislators about criminal justice reform and participated in efforts to restore voting rights to Kentuckians with felony convictions. She also did organizing training with the national ACLU’s Rights for All Campaign. Professionally, Jackie served on the staff of The Healing Place. Jackie believes our personal stories are important and sharing them gives us power. She continues working with many Kentuckians to raise their voices! Jackie uses she/her pronouns.

Ruth Myers, Secretary

Ruth Myers is an educator, advocate, and volunteer residing in Frankfort. She got her start in state government with the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, working on an environmental education initiative with the Office of the First Lady. As a staffer for the Kentucky General Assembly, Ruth contributed to the success of several important pieces of legislation but is most proud of her ongoing work to ban conversion therapy for minors. She is now pursuing a career in teaching and is certified in middle and secondary social studies; as an educator, Ruth is committed to anti-racist, anti-sexist, and queer-inclusive curriculum and teaching practices. Ruth uses the pronouns she/her.


Stuart Perelmuter

Stuart Perelmuter is a writer, social entrepreneur, and political activist. Since 2017, he has led OD Action, which he founded to turn online slacktivism into real-world, progressive action with a 250,000+ network and daily e-newsletter. Stuart also co-hosts the Democratica podcast and works with social media influencers to use their platforms to advocate for progressive change. Prior to founding OD Action, Stuart worked as a screenwriter and playwright, penning projects for Hollywood studios and networks while seeing his work produced locally, in NYC, and in the U.K. He served as Rep. John Yarmuth’s Communications Director — on his successful upset campaign in 2006 and then, for three years on Capitol Hill — and continues to work with Louisville’s Congressman in an advisory capacity. He is a proud girl dad and graduate of Syracuse University. Stuart uses the pronouns he/him.



Lizz Perkins, Fairness Education Fund Chair

Lizz Perkins was born and raised in Louisville. She currently works as the Louisville Wage Claim Clinic Coordinator at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center. Lizz has 10 years of local, national, and international experience with small and medium-size nonprofits. She has done reproductive justice and immigrant rights work in Louisville and Lexington as well as human rights work Managua, Nicaragua and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She received her BA from the University of Dayton in 2009 and in 2020 she completed a dual masters program at the University of Louisville in Social Work & Gender Studies. Lizz uses the pronouns she/her.



Morgan Whiting

Morgan Whiting is the Statewide SART Coordinator for the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking, Inc. She has also served as the co-chair of the Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Coalition for the past 4 years. In addition, Morgan is co-founder of Student Advocates for Exploited and Trafficked Youth (S.A.F.E.T.Y).©. Morgan’s passion for serving vulnerable populations who face sexual and domestic violence comes from many sources, including her experiences in South Africa and Turkey while at Hanover College. She was able to focus on issues facing women politically and economically and studied how sexual violence is perpetuated throughout out societies and cultures. She also found a passion in this work from being a survivor of sexual violence herself and feels that we must address multiple layers of oppression and exploitation in order to serve survivors of color in the best and appropriate way. Morgan has begun consulting with agencies across the country to train and ensure that we are building culturally fluent sexual violence programs and agencies. Morgan uses the pronouns she/her.

Members Not Pictured

Deanna Jacqueline Endicott-Smith
Rev. Donzella Lee
James Line