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Fairness Campaign PAC Primary Election Endorsements

With your help, 2/3 of C-FAIR-endorsed candidates rode to victory in their Kentucky Primary Election races last night! They, along with many other incredible candidates, will now be on the ballot in the November General Election. . To learn more about the C-FAIR endorsement process, click here.

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Kentucky Senate
Karen Berg – District 26 Democratic Primary
Kentucky House of Representatives
Patti Minter – District 20 Democratic Primary
Representative Tom Burch – District 30 Democratic Primary
Rob Walker – District 33 Democratic Primary
Lisa Willner – District 35 Democratic Primary
Representative Reginald “Reggie” Meeks – District 42 Democratic Primary
Charles Booker – District 43 Democratic Primary
Jefferson County District Court Judge
Tracy Davis – Division 3 Primary
Judge Sean Delahanty – Division 6 Primary
Daniel “Danny” Alvarez – Division 9 Primary
Jefferson County Attorney
County Attorney Mike O’Connell – Democratic Primary
Louisville Mayor
Mayor Greg Fischer – Democratic Primary
Louisville Metro Council
Councilwoman Jessica Green – District 1 Democratic Primary
Paula McCraney – District 7 Democratic Primary
Nicole George – District 21 Democratic Primary
Lexington Mayor
Linda Gorton – Mayor Primary
Lexington Urban County Council
At-Large Council Member Steve Kay – At-Large Primary

Kentucky Senate

Karen Berg
 is the C-FAIR choice for the Kentucky Senate District 26 Democratic Primary. Dr. Berg has been an outspoken advocate for transgender rights in Kentucky, having previously testified before the Kentucky Senate against the 2015 “Bathroom Bully Bill.” She will be an informed and thoughtful addition to the chamber.

Kentucky House of Representatives

Bowling Green Fairness leader Patti Minter is the C-FAIR choice for the Kentucky House District 20 Democratic Primary. Dr. Minter is the clear choice for this open seat vacated by longtime Representative Jody Richards. A WKU History Professor, Dr. Minter serves on the board of the ACLU of Kentucky and has helped spearhead the grassroots Bowling Green Fairness movement since its inception, and led the planning of Bowling Green’s first Pride Festival in 2017.

Representative Tom Burch, the longest serving member of the Kentucky General Assembly, once more earns the C-FAIR endorsement for re-election in the Kentucky House District 30 Democratic Primary. An early supporter of Fairness, Rep. Burch also protected reproductive rights for years as the former Chair of the House Health and Welfare Committee.

Rob Walker is C-FAIR’s choice for endorsement in the Kentucky House District 33 Democratic Primary. Rob ran a strong race for this seat in 2016 and knows the district well. He is a Fairness supporter and opposes Kentucky’s so-called “Right to Work for Less” legislation. He also supports finding new revenue to fund pensions and opposes charter school legislation.

C-FAIR endorses Lisa Willner in the Kentucky House District 35 Democratic Primary. Dr. Willner is a current member of the JCPS School Board and has been an outstanding Fairness supporter in that role. In addition to her Fairness work, Dr. Willner has worked for restorative justice practices in schools, resulting in reduced out-of-school suspensions. She helped pass the resolution making JCPS schools a safe haven for immigrants and helped lead the way for transgender inclusion in JCPS policy. Richard Becker is also an impressive pro-Fairness candidate in this race. He is a longtime labor organizer and advocate, who speaks compellingly about the intersection of groups experiencing discrimination and disadvantage. Jack Walker, also pro-Fairness, is running a strong race in this primary as well.

Representative Reginald “Reggie” Meeks once again earns the C-FAIR endorsement for re-election in the Kentucky House District 42 Democratic Primary. A longtime leader on Fairness issues in the Kentucky House and formerly as a Louisville Alderman, Rep. Meeks is currently paving the way for comprehensive gun reform in Kentucky.

Charles Booker earns the C-FAIR endorsement in the Kentucky House District 43 Democratic Primary. Charles’ experience includes working in former Governor Steve Beshear’s administration throughout the state, focusing on many rural areas through his work in the Department of Fish and Wildlife. We believe he’ll represent the constituents of longtime Rep. Darryl Owens’ district well, and do so with a statewide perspective. Philip Baker is also an excellent candidate and strong supporter of Fairness.

Jefferson County District Court

Tracy Davis is the C-FAIR choice for endorsement in the Jefferson County District Court Judge Division 3 Primary. Her experience advocating for victims of domestic violence and working with the disability community gives her the compassion, connection, and insight necessary for district court.

Judge Sean Delahanty earns the C-FAIR endorsement for re-election in the Jefferson County District Court Judge Division 6 Primary for his dedication to Fairness and equality, and his extensive career as a judge and lawyer. He will continue to serve Jefferson County with decisions that reflect his desire for compassion and justice.

Daniel “Danny” Alvarez earns the C-FAIR endorsement in the Jefferson County District Court Judge Division 9 Primary for his legal experience, action-based compassion, and steadfast dedication to the inherent civil rights of youth, immigrant families, and all Louisvillians. Danny’s fresh ideas and experience give him the edge in this race. He will advocate for LGBTQ training for domestic violence advocates, combat unlawful detentions of suspected undocumented immigrants, and seek alternative sentencing for juvenile offenders and community-based approaches to reduce the school to prison pipeline. All the candidates who sought endorsement impressed the interview team, especially Tanisha Ann Hickerson, who earned a C-FAIR endorsement in a previous different judicial race, and Karen Faulkner, a strong campaigner and Fairness supporter.

Jefferson County Attorney

In the Jefferson County Attorney Democratic Primary, longtime Fairness ally and current County Attorney Mike O’Connell once again receives the C-FAIR endorsement. His strong advocacy for Fairness issues through the years and experience in the office gives him the edge in this important race. Challenger and Louisville Metro Councilman Brent Ackerson has also been outspoken on Fairness issues, and has received the C-FAIR endorsement for re-election to the Louisville Metro Council previously.

Louisville Mayor

Mayor Greg Fischer receives the C-FAIR endorsement again for re-election in the Louisville Mayor Democratic Primary. Originally running on a pro-Fairness platform in 2010, Mayor Fischer helped make Louisville one of the only cities in the South to extend Domestic Partner Benefits to LGBTQ couples before the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. Since then, Mayor Fischer and his administration worked closely with the Fairness Campaign to improve Louisville’s score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index from 50 in 2013 to a perfect 100 for LGBTQ inclusivity in 2015. Challenger Ryan Fenwick is also a proven advocate for Fairness, social justice, racial and economic equity, and more.

Louisville Metro Council

C-FAIR endorses Councilwoman Jessica Green for re-election in the Louisville Metro Council District 1 Democratic Primary. Councilwoman Green is effective and energetic in her work, including her support of Fairness. Notably, she sponsored the Metro Council resolution honoring the Louisville attorneys and clients in the Supreme Court’s same- gender marriage decision.

Experienced community leader Paula McCraney earns C-FAIR’s endorsement in the Louisville Metro Council District 7 Democratic Primary. She will represent all residents of the district with a progressive voice and commitment to building a better, more inclusive community.

Nicole George earns the C-FAIR endorsement in the Louisville Metro Council District 21 Democratic Primary. An incredibly qualified candidate, Nicole will represent this diverse district with dignity and professionalism. She will bring the passion, compassion, experience, and organizational skills necessary to help foster overall community growth.

Lexington Mayor

Former Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, who cast a vote for Lexington’s Fairness Ordinance in 1999, is the C-FAIR choice for endorsement in the Lexington Mayor Primary. As Vice Mayor, Linda spearheaded Lexington’s Domestic Partner Benefits for city workers before the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, and has always brought an attitude of collaboration and common sense to her leadership in the city. Former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac is also a longtime Fairness supporter and proven progressive leader.

Lexington Urban County Council

Incumbent Lexington Urban County Council At-Large Members Steve Kay and Richard Moloney again earn the C-FAIR endorsement for re-election. Council Member Moloney voted for the 1999 Lexington Fairness Ordinance, and Council Member Kay helped lead the effort for Domestic Partner Benefits for city workers. Both will continue to represent Lexington and its diverse population well.

C-FAIR Board of Directors

Eric Graninger, Chair
Casey Kimball, Vice Chair
Rebecca Grant, Secretary
Neville Blakemore
Jared Brown
Chris Hartman, de facto
Jessica Kessinger
Pat Kidwell
Teresa Lajara
Doug Lowry
Tracie Meyer
Nick Wilkerson
Dawn Wilson

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