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KY Primary Election
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Early Voting May 16-18

C-FAIR Endorsements

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KY Senate District 33 Democratic Primary
Senator Gerald Neal
Attica Scott

KY House District 30 Democratic Primary
Rep. Daniel Grossberg

KY House District 31 Democratic Primary
Carma Marshall

KY House District 40 Democratic Primary
Rep. Nima Kulkarni

KY House District 41 Democratic Primary
Mary Lou Marzian

KY House District 42 Democratic Primary
Joshua Watkins

KY House District 48 Democratic Primary
Kate Farrow

KY House District 57 Democratic Primary
Kristie Powe

KY House District 76 Democratic Primary
Jamie Palumbo

KY House District 93 Democratic Primary
Rep. Adrielle Camuel

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council District 1
Councilmember Tayna Fogle

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council District 4
Emma Curtis

Louisville Metro Council District 2 Democratic Primary
Councilmember Barbara Shanklin

Louisville Metro Council District 4 Democratic Primary
Ken Herndon

Louisville Metro Council District 6 Democratic Primary
Councilmember Phillip Baker

Louisville Metro Council District 8 Democratic Primary
Councilmember Ben Reno-Weber

To be considered for endorsement, candidates in selected races complete a C-FAIR questionnaire and may be asked to participate in an interview with a team of C-FAIR leaders and volunteers. The interview team meets with each candidate seeking endorsement in a particular race and makes endorsement recommendations. The C-FAIR Board of Directors makes final endorsement decisions.

C-FAIR Board of Directors

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| PO Box 3431, Louisville, KY 40201